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Danisi Engineering

Sector: Design, Industrial

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Danisi Engineering specializes in automotive engineering since 1995. It produces prototypes of components and chassis systems as well as complete cars. It designs and builds racing cars (from dune buggies and rally cars, to sports cars).



In a moment of deep crisis in the automotive industry in Italy, the need for international clients is a priority; in order to achieve that, we need to strategically communicate to major European automotive groups the fact that Danisi Engineering can offer a complex product, in less time and at lower costs than the average market costs, but with very high quality standards, thanks to the design skills of its staff and to their expertise in managing complex projects.



Pivoting on the efficiency and robust culture in the automotive industry that distinguishes this company from Turin, we have designed a website that expresses their vitality and the health of the company, their ability to design and to plan, supported by a large section dedicated to case studies.