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Compagnia BIT

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The company was founded in Turin 10 years ago. Its eclectic connotation and the quality of its performers led it, over time, to tread the stage of the most prestigious Italian theaters, to stage its productions (dance and musical) in corporate conventions, during fashion shows and in casinos.

Compagnia Bit is a mix of actors, dancers and singers with a solid study foundation and great technical and creative skills, acquired over the years in some of the most important Italian and international performing arts schools.



The company works on a rather tight calendar: theatrical seasons, ad hoc events and shows. Consequently, it needs to be able to increase its attendance fees, above all, as well as the number of representations.

The business objectives related to price positioning are closely linked to the need to tap new audiences in theaters, to intrigue and attract event managers of medium and large companies, artistic directors of theaters, festivals and casinos as well as key figures from institutions operating with issues inherent to culture and entertainment.



By restyling the website we have increased the value of the company as perceived by the theatre audience, in terms of the novelty and variety of the proposed shows, as well as brought out the high quality of the performers, professionals in the art of representation through singing or acting alike.

To convey the idea of not being in the presence of an amateur troupe, we focused on colors, images and most of all video, to enhance the productions in their entirety: the costumes, the set, the complexity and number of scenes in action.

The creation of the company's new website is coupled with a SEO strategy.