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After the recent success which saw Advice Group, marketing agency from Turin (Italy), creator of Progress Marketing Thinking, to export its strategic vision, along with Barilla, at the Mobile Marketing Forum EMEA in Istanbul in 2013, and dedicated conferences for the last Promotion Expo, the site www.advicegroup.it had to become the heart of the business strategy to communicate a new way of marketing, measurable, through digital tools.

The concepts that underpin the strategic thinking of Advice are: interaction, engagement, involvement, sell-outs, traffic building, brand loyalty.



Among the goals to be achieved with the implementation of the new site, to convey the message to companies that redemption measurement processes while the promotional campaign is in progress are possible, making changes for improvement in real-time through the adoption of defined strategies, designed, customized and 1to1 implemented, immediately, thanks to the usability of digital tools.

To Involucra, partner of Advice for the development of marketing progress in South America, has been assigned design and programming of the site, which reflects the educational objectives and goals of fast development that the company has set itself to feed the culture of a new way of making Digital Loyalty and CRM, tied to the sell-out and products rotation, thanks to metrics and behavioral information obtained before, during and after the campaign through the use of ​​WEKIT (WE Keep In Touch), a proprietary behavioral analysis platform already serving clients such as Unilever, Barilla, Q8, Erbolario, Casa Modena, Tre Marie and L'Oréal.



• The channels to discover Advicegroup.it are case studies, projects, tools used and the purpose of WEKIT platform, the company's team, whose contents are arranged from top to bottom, in a highly developed graphics context, multimedia and rich navigation links.
• Within these paths you can follow the company's work, understand how it is done, with what results, revise the awards won at international level and partner companies (including Q8, L'Oreal, Algida, Barilla, TIM).
• In the site is also given prominence to the section dedicated to the Lab & Research division, where it joins the activity of AdviceLab, a spin-off of Advice Group dedicated to collect, analyze and make available, for brand managers and stakeholders, successful national and international case histories, mapping the evolution of the market and the suggestions of technological innovation.
• Each item presented on the site is enriched with didactic in-depth analysis, audiovisual contents, multiple links and a functional graphic for the best online consultation of pages and published content.
• To contact the staff and follow real-time updates of the many activities going on (news, projects, events, launches) you can subscribe to the Newsletter, or to become follower in LinkedIn and YouTube.