We provide consulting in the development of marketing plans, brand marketing, co-marketing, budgeting and cost control of operations.

We offer full or partial outsourcing of marketing operating activities for both small and medium companies.

- Strategic Marketing

We have a network of senior advisors, collaborating with consultants with decades of experience and university professors with whom we have an ongoing dialogue on the strategic marketing advices.

- Business Model & Business Plan

Thanks to our long-standing relationships, we are able to offer ourselves as a team of consultants, to assist entrepreneurs and organizations in defining business models, whether for startups or to launch a brand new product / service or a new product line;

In business planning, we’re able to work alongside managers and anyone wishing to do business with the right support in the implementation of benchmarking (competitive, functional and collaborative), SWOT analysis, definition of the value chain, target segmentation, planning and marketing activities communication (online and offline), in support of the brand.