As brand management consultants we help companies to express the brand values, enhancing the brand equity. We apply marketing techniques for consistent dissemination of products, services, product lines or brand.

We design strategies and implement appropriate tactics to position the brand on the Italian, European or global market.

Identifing the target market, we carry out segmentation, business opportunities research, competitive analysis, co-branding operations.

- Strategy

We set the goal of identifying appropriate strategies for the brand, after SWOT analysis we schedule the appropriate paths involving the available media (Paid, Earned, Owned & Shared), enabling us to achieve the performance targets, within the available budget .

In marketing a brand we help companies to identify target markets before creating the logo.

- Brand Identity

Organizations are inspired by a variety of ideas in order to create products and services that may be offered locally or globally. In general, these products or services, require the establishment of a brand. Often these brands include both the logo and the lettering that accompany long-organization in marketing such products or services.

Therefore, as a brand agency, we are able to support the company in one of the most important steps in building a brand, in other words the decision to adopt as a trademark for the product or service to sell, or what brand should become distinctive symbol of the organization itself.

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