Beginning as a brand agency, Involucra has consistently created logos and slogans that profoundly represent companies and products with wide-spread local and global demands.

- Brand Values

A specific and personalized image transmits the strength of a brand and communicates powerful brand values. Involucra supports companies by helping to define their unique identity through the brand creation, as well as helping to manifest coherent marketing strategies.

-Uniqueness of the brand

The genuine mental and functional associations of the brand provides familiarity and differentiation that can not be replicated.

Sounds, colors, a logo, a name, a symbol or a slogan, all help to identify the brand and set it a part from its competition

- Keeping the promise

Proposals for total brand identity.

As a brand agency, we help companies to fulfill their promises to consumers, be it a product, a personality, or a set of values. As designers and communication consultants, we help brands to express themselves to the outside world.

- Identity creation

The perfect blend of brand vision, brand culture, positioning, relationships.

The integration of what an organization represents: mission, personality, promise to consumers and competitive advantages.

The brand identity created by Involucra includes thoughts, feelings and expectations of the target market: it’s the way to identify and distinguish an organization from another.

- Brand Awareness

In supporting the creation of a unique brand identity, we involve the company in the development of its own brand awareness, in order to motivate the team of employees who feel proud to work for a well identified organization and where the style is defined, since the brand identity leads to brand loyalty itself, to the preference for the brand by active buyers, it makes organization trustable.

We develop sustainable brands, with timeless qualitative identities.