As a web design agency we create innovative and unique browsing experiences, in respect of the highest standards of usability for the development of the brand online.

We develop concepts, graphic design, coding (HTML 5), programming and content finalization, addressing web design to national and international markets

- Website a 360°

We develop interactive web sites, e-commerce portals, CMS (open source or custom), micro-sites, event-sites, polls, mobile sites, applying rigorous design processes of IA (Information Architecture).

- Information Architecture

The activity of Information Architecture consists of a preliminary study of content and interactivity in order to develop the new site, where all navigation paths are analyzed (starting from the definition of the sitemap and storyboarding), in order to optimize it and give more strength to the brand. The Information Architecture goal is to define the layout of each page following the communication strategies as well as the messages that are conveyed through the site (communication flow, engagement strategy, entry points and call to actions), consistently through the use of interactive wireframes and prototypes, defined during construction, through intensive communication between the client, user experience designers, project managers and visual designers.

The result is a prototype of the site, tested by several types of users and studied in all the aspects. This becomes the basis for subsequent development by visual designers and programmers.

- Mobile optimization

All of our web designs are optimized for viewing on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets, from any manufacturer) and are supported by all platforms (iPhone OS, Android, BlackBerry. They are also tested to be browsed by most common browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera).

- Responsive Web Design

We build websites according to the rules of responsive design, ensuring that layouts are automatically adaptable to different resolutions, like desktops, smartphones, tablets, older mobiles or Web TV.

By using CSS3 media querce, users accessing through different devices and browsers will access to a single source whose contents are structured to be readily available, and browsable without making too many scaling operations, sliding or movement through the web pages.

From 2009 to the present, web traffic from mobile devices has more than tripled, surpassing traffic from desktops and laptops in terms of number of visits and time spent by each user in web browsing.

Today the user seeks a 360° relationship with brands, via a multichannel access.

- Functionality

We deliver performant mobile websites that are user-friendly and cross-platform: iOS and Android (both for smartphones and tablet).

- Experience

In order to create a unique and dynamic navigational experience, we rigorously combine the necessary elements of user interaction: functional, visual, textual, contextual.

- Design

By following the processes of mobile design, we consider every factor which may affect the performance of the mobile site itself, any combination that can improve the navigation flow (backend and frontend), as well as any limitation due to poor network coverage.

We provide consulting in the development of marketing plans, brand marketing, co-marketing, budgeting and cost control of operations.

We offer full or partial outsourcing of marketing operating activities for both small and medium companies.

- Strategic Marketing

We have a network of senior advisors, collaborating with consultants with decades of experience and university professors with whom we have an ongoing dialogue on the strategic marketing advices.

- Business Model & Business Plan

Thanks to our long-standing relationships, we are able to offer ourselves as a team of consultants, to assist entrepreneurs and organizations in defining business models, whether for startups or to launch a brand new product / service or a new product line;

In business planning, we’re able to work alongside managers and anyone wishing to do business with the right support in the implementation of benchmarking (competitive, functional and collaborative), SWOT analysis, definition of the value chain, target segmentation, planning and marketing activities communication (online and offline), in support of the brand.

Our services are aimed at studying and planning strategies to enhance and spread the brand awareness and strengthen the reputation of a brand.

- Distinctive digital positioning

Our goal is to increase the perceived quality of services, generating new business opportunities, with the identification of tactics aimed at increasing the Lead Generation and Conversion Rate of visitors to the referring website (be it a product-site, an event-site or an online store).

- Touch point: web, mobile, email, social.

The main touch points are managed and valorized in accordance with the functional and communication goals: push or pull actions and definition of new listening points to the needs of different targets (development of a website in which we analyze the user interaction, planning an app or running a fan page on social networks requireing nurtured engagement).

- Internet Marketing

We propose the most appropriate solution according to the type of organization, industry, geographic market and target audience

Regardless of the business model of the client (e-commerce, lead-based website or local internet marketing), as a web agency we are able to properly manage positioning campaigns (SEO and SEM) on the major search engines and Direct Email Marketing campaigns (DEM).

- Positioning on search engines

A good Keyword Research

A list of keywords of high value for the target, determining which are actually the terms that users enter in the search engines when conducting a specific search (by sector or category).

Code optimization and web copywriting review follow.

Always reviewing the analytics, which provide a very precise strategic recommendations, followed by a very thorough reporting system.

From Video Display to Advertising Marketing to Social Media Marketing, Involucra can cover all customer requirements in terms of visibility on the web.

As brand management consultants we help companies to express the brand values, enhancing the brand equity. We apply marketing techniques for consistent dissemination of products, services, product lines or brand.

We design strategies and implement appropriate tactics to position the brand on the Italian, European or global market.

Identifing the target market, we carry out segmentation, business opportunities research, competitive analysis, co-branding operations.

- Strategy

We set the goal of identifying appropriate strategies for the brand, after SWOT analysis we schedule the appropriate paths involving the available media (Paid, Earned, Owned & Shared), enabling us to achieve the performance targets, within the available budget .

In marketing a brand we help companies to identify target markets before creating the logo.

- Brand Identity

Organizations are inspired by a variety of ideas in order to create products and services that may be offered locally or globally. In general, these products or services, require the establishment of a brand. Often these brands include both the logo and the lettering that accompany long-organization in marketing such products or services.

Therefore, as a brand agency, we are able to support the company in one of the most important steps in building a brand, in other words the decision to adopt as a trademark for the product or service to sell, or what brand should become distinctive symbol of the organization itself.

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Beginning as a brand agency, Involucra has consistently created logos and slogans that profoundly represent companies and products with wide-spread local and global demands.

- Brand Values

A specific and personalized image transmits the strength of a brand and communicates powerful brand values. Involucra supports companies by helping to define their unique identity through the brand creation, as well as helping to manifest coherent marketing strategies.

-Uniqueness of the brand

The genuine mental and functional associations of the brand provides familiarity and differentiation that can not be replicated.

Sounds, colors, a logo, a name, a symbol or a slogan, all help to identify the brand and set it a part from its competition

- Keeping the promise

Proposals for total brand identity.

As a brand agency, we help companies to fulfill their promises to consumers, be it a product, a personality, or a set of values. As designers and communication consultants, we help brands to express themselves to the outside world.

- Identity creation

The perfect blend of brand vision, brand culture, positioning, relationships.

The integration of what an organization represents: mission, personality, promise to consumers and competitive advantages.

The brand identity created by Involucra includes thoughts, feelings and expectations of the target market: it’s the way to identify and distinguish an organization from another.

- Brand Awareness

In supporting the creation of a unique brand identity, we involve the company in the development of its own brand awareness, in order to motivate the team of employees who feel proud to work for a well identified organization and where the style is defined, since the brand identity leads to brand loyalty itself, to the preference for the brand by active buyers, it makes organization trustable.

We develop sustainable brands, with timeless qualitative identities.