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Fiudi Ltd, whose factory is located in the historical Turin building, for more than 50 years has been developing and manufacturing standard and special diamond tools for turning, milling, boring and grinding that can work both ferrous (iron and steel) and non ferrous materials (aluminum, brass, gold); the company supplies several the automotive sector, the industry as well as jewelry and medical fields (Brembo, Fiat, Teksid, Alenia are some of their clients).

In 2005 the company acquired the technology which enables it to process titanium as well, consequently becoming one of the few companies in the world that can produce titanium cutters for high precision machining, applied in industries that require special cutting speed conditions (such as the aviation industry).



The short-term objectives were focused on the need to renew the image drastically, to communicate to the reference target the company's strength, its advanced technology and know-how, underpinned by a fifty-year experience in the market, the support it gives to the customers in finding customized solutions and to promote the perception of it being a medium sized company, but with international commercial relations.

The long-term communication objectives blend with the strategic objectives: becoming a medium sized company with corporate ambitions.

We highlighted the concepts of dynamicity and evolution as a result of the international market's new and growing demand for technologically advanced products and the search for international business partners.



In order to highlight relevant aspects such as internationalization and the ever growing weight of R & D in the company and to pursue its ambitious business goals, we have developed:
• Restyling of the logo and entire offline communication material, so as to consolidate the new brand identity and make the change process a reality.
• Logo brand manual creation, for use of the logo in all its possible applications: online and offline use, product branding, exhibition material made available to the Fiudi sales network.
• Dynamic website, where all types of stakeholders (customers, institutions, Fiudi staff , agents and distributors) can converge and quickly find comprehensive information, which has been structured in such a way as to allow it to evolve into e-commerce (in the near future) in order to enable the company to market "standard products", for all the different types of industry it supplies.
• Reporting system (orders and stocks) for agents, connected in real-time with SAP tools.